Declined Insurance Appeals, Non-Disclosure

Almost 16 insurance claims are declined every day in the UK. That's over 6000 per year, and those are the ones we know about. Many claims don't even make it to the 'official' claims process.

With over £1,000,000 declined almost every day may of these are the results of non-disclosure, which basically means not telling an insurance company about a conditions or events before the policy was taken out. Sounds straight forward right? Well not so quite.

They're are many types of non-disclosure ranging from Innocent, Negligent and Deliberate or without any care. Each one of these has different outcomes when it comes to making a decision on your claim. For instance and innocent non-disclosure should result in the claim being paid in full, but this is where it gets a little inconsistent.

Many insurance companies look at what the non-disclosure was and not at the category it falls under leading to policies being cancelled and claims declined. We have spoken to many customers that have for instance provided incorrect information when applying for the insurance that they could not know was incorrect.

Furthermore they're rules around how policies are sold. We've represented a number of customer who, when they applied for insurance were completely truthful telling the adviser (IFA or Insurance Agent) their whole circumstances. This information was then not passed onto the insurance company, who then may have rightly so declined the claim. This is where we can help.

We can assess the best possible route for compensation for your case. We look at the whole process from sales, to how the claim was assessed and how a decision was made. We forensically analyse every part of the process and piece together a robust and evidence based case.

We have been highly successful in getting customers compensation and successful insurance appeals. You have nothing to lose by giving us a call 0333 050 8792 and potentially everything to gain.