Rejected Total Permanent Disability Claims

Over the past 12 months we have seen a substantial number of customers complaining about their Total Permanent Disability Claims (TPD). TPD is normally an additional benefit that is provided by insurance companies as part of either Life or Critical Illness insurance. It’s different to critical illness cover as normally you don’t need to be diagnosed with a listed condition as it’s designed to pay out a lump sum if your unable to work again.

Resolute Claims have seen a large increase in the amount of rejected Total Permanent Disability claims. Most often people with Fibromyalgia, ME, rheumatoid arthritis and Chronic pain and fatigue syndrome along with mental health conditions are the worse impacted.

Lots of these concerns centre around the ‘permanency’ of their condition and if continued treatment might be successful. Other are around ‘own occupation’ or ‘any occupation’.

At Resolute Claims we understand the stress and impact attempting to claim on Total Permanent Disability cover has. At a time you should be focusing on your health and wellbeing you are fighting an insurance provider to get a pay-out. We have extensive experience in challenging insurance providers decisions and obtaining a successful outcome for our clients.

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