Help Claiming Rejected or Declined Critical Illness Insurance

If you have been diagnosed with a serious medical condition like a heart attack, stroke or cancer you may have tried to claim on your Critical Illness Cover or Total Permanent Disability cover. It's likely the insurance company will have asked you lots of questions as well as written to your medical professionals to obtain more information. The process itself can take around 4/6 weeks. If your claim had been declined it can often leave people feeling fearful about how they will cope financially.

Having to live with a serious medical condition should mean that your sole focus should be on your health and getting better. Currently around 1 in 5 Critical Illness claims are declined, or 107 million pounds worth of cover every year, and that's just cases were a formal claim has been made (some claims are rejected over the phone without an official claim being submitted). We are here to support people who think they have been wrongly declined while trying to claim on their Critical Illness Policy, leaving you to focus on getting better.

The two most common reasons for claims being declined are, non-disclosure and your condition not meeting the policy definition. Both of these reasons can be robustly challenged and, with the right information and know how, challenged successfully. You may also have been mis-sold the policy (especially if you have been declined due to non-disclosure). Complaining about a Critical Illness Claim can be a complex and daunting task, especially when you're suffering from a major health condition. We will forensically assess your complaint and gather evidence, such as that from medical experts, to put together a robust evidence based case on your behalf.

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If you have been declined while trying to claim on a critical illness or income protection policy then we can help. We also help with all other financial service complaints, for example, life insurance rejections, mis-sold pensions and insurance cover.

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