Making a Claim

We understand that making a claim on an insurance policy can be stressful at the best of times, but if you have lost someone or coping with a serious illness it can make it a whole lot worse. We understand that during this time you may need additional support. Resolute can make claim on your behalf on the following policies:

  • Life Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Serious Illness Cover
  • Terminal Illness Cover
  • Total Permanent Disability Cover
  • Any personal protection plan

The first thing we would say is that you can always make the claim yourself. For more information on how to do this we have set up a blog here. We also provide a service where we can provide information and guidance to help support you through the claims process.

If you decide to use our service, we will take care of all the paperwork and contacting the insurance company on your behalf. We are on your side not the insurance companies so we will fight to get the insurance pay-out you deserve.

The overall time it takes to receive a claim pay-out varies between insurance companies and can depend on certain factors such as your GP or consultants supplying information as quickly as possible. For life and Critical Illness Claims it can be between 4-6 weeks. For Income Protection and Total Permanent Disability, it can be up to 12 weeks.

Once we submit your claim (normally the same day you call us) we would normally ask you to provide some information to confirm the insured event occurred, for example a copy of a death certificate or histology report. This will make the process quicker. The table below has some handy information to have available when you call.


We operate on a "no win, no fee" basis which means if your claim does not pay-out, we will not charge you anything at all. Our standard fee is 7.5% plus VAT of any amount you receive. If you claim is declined for any reason, and we believe that it was done wrongfully, we will appeal your claim for no extra cost (our normal fee for this is 24%). We will tell you at the outset what our likely fee will be based on the value of your policy. Please see the table below for our costs:


Claim amount


Our Fee Including VAT


You Receive


Claim amount


Our Fee Including VAT


You Receive


Claim amount


Our Fee Including VAT


You Receive

Should you require any more information or even for just some information and guidance please contact us here to see how we can support you.

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If you have been declined while trying to claim on a life insurance policy, then we can help. We also help with all other financial service complaints, for example critical illness, income protection, mis-sold pensions and insurance cover.

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