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Thinking of Making a Claim on a Life Insurance Policy?

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  • Claiming on a Life Insurance Policy

    You may look at claiming on an insurance policy if the person insured has passed away. Anyone can make a claim on the policy, but it tends to be the next of kin or executor and in some cases the joint applicant (if it was a joint life cover).

  • You will need the policy number, death certificate, copy of the will (if one was made) and letters of administration (if required). An increasing number of insurance companies will accept a claim online, but most people chose to do this over the phone. The insurance company may ask for things like GP details and personal details of the person that’s passed away.

  • This depends on the way the insurance policy was set up. If the insurance policy was joint with someone else, it would normally go to the joint policy holder (there are exceptions to this). If there is no joint policy holder it may be paid to the person’s estate. If the policy is a sole person policy, they may have placed the policy “in trust”. This means the person who set up the policy may have nominated someone (possible several people) who the money should be paid directly to. The benefit of this is that it’s paid outside of the estate and may not be liable for inheritance tax.

  • Usually claims can take around 6-8 weeks. The time taken to process a claim can be dependant on how promptly the person’s medical professionals provide information and how quickly the claims assessors take to review the information. Some insurance companies are taking longer to assess claims due to volumes during the covid-19 pandemic.

  • You can use a specialist service like Resolute Claims to act on your behalf, claim online through the insurance companies’ website or telephone your insurance company directly.

  • If you need help claiming on a Life Insurance policy can speak to Resolute Claims expert advisers for more information and guidance. If you would like to use Resolute Claims to initiate a claim on your behalf, we charge set fees which can be seen using the link below.

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  • We can help by taking all the stress and worry out of making a claim. We work for you and not the insurance company. We will fill in all the forms and engage with the insurance company on your behalf. Resolute Claims will keep you updated every step of the way, so you don’t need to worry about what’s happening next. We can work on a “no win no fee basis” or you can pay an up-front fee, giving you the flexibility of choice to suit your needs.

  • Tell Us Once Service

    This is a government operated service allows people to update certain organisations at once that someone has passed away. You will need some of the persons personal details such as date of birth, address, date of death. It may also be useful to have some documentation such as their passport, driving licence or national insurance number.

    Tell Us Once

    Bereavement Support

    Bereavement Services (England and Wales) Bereavement Services (Scotland) Bereavement Services (Northern Ireland)

    Emotional support

    Losing someone close can impact us all emotionally. These feeling are normal and there are lots of organisations that can support you through this difficult time.

    Cruse Bereavement National Bereavement Service Mind

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