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Resolute Claims can help customers by appealing against declined life insurance claims or rejected critical illness claims.

As an organisation, we believe in the fair treatment of all customers no matter their circumstances. At Resolute we represent some of the most vulnerable customers in the financial service industry ensuring they get fair representation and an outcome they deserve.

We specialise, primarily, in helping customers complain about rejected insurance policies, such as life, critical illness (including total disability), and income protection. It's often difficult under these circumstances to pursue complaints due to ill health or bereavement and this can lead to a lasting impact financially for you and your family.

At Resolute we aim to take the pressure off you by offering a bespoke, professional service that will seek the compensation you are entitled to. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so you can rest assured that you're in good hands.

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If you have been declined while trying to claim on a life insurance, critical illness, or income protection policy then we can help. We also help with all other financial service complaints, for example, mis-sold pensions and insurance cover.

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Resolute Claims can help with all areas of financial complaints. We specialise in helping people with rejected life and critical illness claims but can also help with, mis-sold pensions, mortgage mis-sales, helping to claim on an insurance policy and general financial complaints.

We have a wide range of expertise to help support you to a successful outcome. Why not click on the links below to see how we can help, or book an appointment to speak to one of our investigators.

How We Can Help

Our aim is to represent your interests when you feel you've been mistreated by a financial services firm.

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Life Cover Decline

Being declined a life insurance payout can have a serious impact, not only on your finances but also on your standard of living.

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Declined Critical Illness

Having to live with a serious medical condition should mean that your sole focus should be on your health and getting better.

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SIPP Complaint

Some people have suffered devastating financial losses on their pensions which they have spent their entire working lives saving for.

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Defined Benefit Transfer Out

Transferring out of a final salary scheme was rarely good advice, yet many people were advised to do just that.

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General Financial Complaints

Do you feel you've been treated unfairly by the financial services industry? We have experts that can help you.

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Rejected Critical Illness Insurance Claims

Have you been declined while trying to claim on a Critical Illness Policy?

If you or a loved one has tried to claim on a critical illness policy, you are likely to know how hard the process can be. At a time in your life where the focus should be on your health, you're forced to go through the additional stress managing financially.

A declined Critical Illness claim can cause massive upheaval to you and your family, even putting your home at risk. A lot of the time claims are declined due to you not meeting the insurance companies 'definition' of a medical condition like cancer. Other times it can be due to non-disclosure of pre-existing conditions.

We have found in some cases these have been wrongly levied at customers or have potentially mis-sold, meaning they have been treated unfairly. With our unique knowledge of the industry we are able to identify a successful outcome.


Declined Life Insurance Claims

Have you tried to claim on life cover for a loved one and been declined?

Claiming on life cover is often the last thing on your mind when you have lost a loved one. It can seem daunting to claim whilst also having lots of other paperwork to complete. The financial impact and hardship faced due to a declined insurance claim can be significant. You have lost someone close to you and potentially an income into the household. This can impact you from paying normal house hold bills like your mortgage, to ensuring your standard of living.

Sometimes people may be declined due to pre-existing medical conditions that may not have been disclosed when you took out the policy or perhaps you may have been told the policy had lapsed.

No matter the reason we are here to make sure that the insurance company processed your claim correctly. You can give us a call 0333 050 8792 or book an appointment with one of our experts.

General Financial Complaints

Do you feel you've been treated unfairly by the financial services industry?

Beside specialising in the insurance claims we also have experts that can help with:

  • Pensions Mis-Selling
  • Packaged bank accounts sales
  • Mortgage Mis-Selling
  • Lending
  • Mis-Selling of financial products
  • Unfair Treatment relating to a complaint

Should you have any questions all you need to do is speak to one of our friendly consultants on 0333 050 8792.